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1-2-1 Adobe Photoshop CC Tuition for Photographers

I’m a big advocate of getting an image right in-camera, which is something I always teach on my workshops. However, sometimes what you see when you upload an image is not exactly what you remember seeing at the time that you took it!  This may be due to camera limitations or incorrect settings that were not obvious on the small LCD display of your camera.  We can use Photoshop techniques to correct these problems and fine-tune an image to produce what was intended.

JPEG, the file type that beginners most commonly use, has a limited amount of options for amending and improving your images. Most DSLR and bridge cameras now have RAW capability (NEF/CR2/ARW etc…) but most people don’t use this, as they are not sure how best to amend these files post-capture. A RAW file contains four times the amount of data than a JPEG file. This data can be used by the RAW Converter within Photoshop to fine-tune your images. You can then use the amended file to make further changes within the full Photoshop application.

This workshop is not for people who want to completely change an image to something that never existed.

The course will last approximately 3 hours and is held on a date of your own choosing. Refreshments will be served whilst we are working.  Any images that you amend will be burnt to a CD for you to take away with you

Other programmes such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Elements are very similar and you will be able to use the skills that you learn on this course on these applications also.

    • 1 Person
      £100.00 - Full Payment
      £25.00 - Deposit Payment

    • Date of your own choosing

    • How to set up your Adobe Photoshop CC preferences

    • Camera RAW Image Processing

    • Editing Techniques including adjustment of Levels, Hue and Saturation, Shadows and Highlights

    • Dodging and Burning

    • Cloning

    • Sharpening

    • Cropping

    • Use of Layers in Editing

    • Creating a panoramic image with Photomerge

    • Saving Techniques

    • The course will take place on my iMac using Photoshop CC so, unless you really want to, there is no need to bring your own laptop with you

    • Notebook and pencil (unless you have a good memory!)

    • A CD, memory stick or media card containing the RAW or JPEG files that you wish to amend. If, however, you have not yet shot in RAW, I can supply these images for you.

  • A truly fantastic couple of days.  Met Martin outside the stone circles and went through the basic knowledge on how to improve your photography. Camera setup, hyperfocal distance, composition to name but a few.  What followed was 6 hours of practical advice in some of best scenic areas in and around Keswick. The day was extremely enjoyable and carried out in an informed and relaxed manner. The second day was all about reviewing the previous days photographs and an introduction to the basics of photoshop. Extremely useful to go through this post production process. Very informative.
    Martin was the perfect tutor, not only a great photographer but a great guy as well. This was a tremendous learning experience that has given me the determination to get out and put this learning experience into practice.

    I would strongly recommend Martin to anyone looking to improve their landscape photography .
    Simply Brilliant. I will be back.!

    Thanks for 2 great days. Keith.

    Submitted by Keith Howson, Bury - 24th and 25th November 2018

  • I attended a Photoshop CC Course with Martin as a follow-up to a 1-2-1 worshop that I attended with him earlier in the year.

    Although I'd covered a lot on my previous course, this was more in depth and I certainly learnt some great new techniques to allow me to fine tune my images. Martin is very patient and takes the workshop at a pace that is relevant to each participant. I much appreciated this as it allowed us to take more time on subjects that I found a little more challenging whilst quickly skipping through those that I did not. I was amazed at how much we covered in the alloted time and can't wait to spend time putting my new found techniques into practice.

    Thanks Martin!

    Submitted by Sharon Cummings, Leeds

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