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Larger Bespoke Framed Images Always Available

Posted on 14th November, 2020

Large Bespoke Framed Pictures Available

I have noticed over the past few years that people are wanting larger sized framed pictures to decorate their walls. I'm not sure why, but there is a definite trend for larger sizes. I think people may want that WOW factor or that rooms are being built bigger. Either way, I can accommodate people's wishes.  The maximum size that I offer on the website is a 26 x 20 inch framed image. Including frame profile, this comes to around 30 x 24 inches. Whilst this is great for a lot of people, I am receiving many requests for that larger 'eye catching' image that gets people talking when they visit your home.

This blog is just to put out there that I can produce larger images than those that are listed on the website. I have completed several recently. Some spookily have been requests for the same image so please take a look at a couple of examples of the larger framed images I have done recently. The image quality is not affected when the size is increased due to the top end DSLR that I use and the photography techniques that I have learnt over the many years that I have been a professional.

Larger Bespoke Framed Images Always Available

It's not just the conventional 'landscape orientation' I can do. I can also produce very large panoramic images. This one opposite was for a client who lived on the south coast and was 54 x 25 inches. She absolutely loved it and it certainly is now a focal point on her chimney breast.

Larger Bespoke Framed Images Always Available

Within a couple of days of each other I received two requests to produce large framed images of one of my most favourite images 'Dancing Clouds above Blea Tarn and the Langdales'.  The clarity and sharpness is still perfect even at this larger size of 45 x 33 inches.

Larger Bespoke Framed Images Always Available

Just recently - March 2021 John went even larger with his order, John ordered 4 large framed images, Early Morning Mist surrounds the Langdale Pikes being 51 x 37 inches and the other 3 being 35 x 27 inches. As you can see from the attached image, the popular Warnscale Bothy image was printed in black and white which looks fabulous in our new black frames. You can see what John said about his order in the Testimonials.

Larger Bespoke Framed Images Always Available

Stacey and Jack wanted something very large for their beautiful dining room. They wanted a black framed image of around 160 cms wide. I am always happy to try and accommodate clients wishes and after a long selction process they decide to go for 'Reflections of Blenathra and Skiddaw'.  I was really pleased with their selection and how the finished print looked as you can see from their picture. Really nice people and I'm gald they really loved their purchase. Look for their testimonial on the Testimonial Tab at the bottom of most of the pages on the website.

Larger Bespoke Framed Images Always Available

Gillian and Geoff wanted to create a unique panoramic image of three of their favourite places in the Lake District. We worked out exactly what they wanted including picture size, frame size and mount size.to make sure it fitted in the area they wanted to show off their piece of art work.  Really enjoyed doing this for them as it was quite large with three different pictures and differmnt sized mounts. They were really pleased with the outcome and you can read their comments in the Testimonial tab on the website. So if you like this type of picture and want a unique one for yourself just get in touch with your selections and I will be more than happy to do your picture for you.

If you are therefore interested in enquiring about a larger framed image for yourself or as a present in either the oak or black frame profile that we do or any other frame profile that you like then just contact me via the Contact Me tab on the website or, if you prefer it, phone me on my mobile 07903903048.

You really will not be disappointed.

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