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More information to assist with your photography

This is the area where you will find information which will assist you with your photography. These range from simple but useful tips to more in-depth articles which are well worth a read. I hope that you will find them interesting. You will also find the first two in a series of guides about where to find some of my favourite locations for shooting images. I intend to publish more of these when I have the time

Latest Article

How to photograph a rainbow

How to photograph a rainbow

The changeable conditions that we are having at present make this a great time to get out there and photograph yourself a rainbow. It’s always such a thrilling sight to see and, if you capture your image correctly, will be a great addition to your portfolio. First find your rainbow Rainbows form when two elements come together– falling or spraying……

Photography Tips

Be prepared!

Always have your camera set ready to take that unexpected image that may appear at a second’s notice. You will always rue the day that you missed that ‘once in a lifetime’ shot because your camera was not ready to take……

Let the camera do the work!

Take the best image that you can at the time that you take it. Photoshop can now turn a so-so image into something that can look quite acceptable but that can result in deterioration of picture quality if the software has……

Use best practice!

If, however, you do have time to prepare yourself for a shot, make sure that you make the best use of your equipment by supporting your camera on a tripod and using a remote switch. It’s no use buying the best equipment……

Shoot Locations



Just continue past Surprise View until the road ends at the small hamlet of Watendlath. This is a good road but quite narrow…



There is a lay-by at the top of Gale Road. From Keswick, take the A591 Carlisle road, turn right a few yards after the roundabout intersection with the A66 and then right……

Slater Bridge, Little Langdale

Slater Bridge, Little Langdale

Slater Bridge is an old pack house bridge in Little Langdale. The bridge is located just downstream of Little Langdale Tarn on the River Brathay and was built to connect the……